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New Marine Industry home page

Visit our new Marine Industry home page.   The same reasons that make valve communication networking desirable in industrial plants, also make it preferable for marine applications.   By reducing the number of wires required per valve, the AS-Interface networking solution reduces the wiring burden by over 40 percent.

Download our new Marine Industry whitepaper   "Easy on/off valve integration with AS-Interface for marine applications"


Quartz -- now available with TUV (SIL) certificate

Select Quartz QX/QN models are now available with TUV Functional Safety (SIL) certificate. 
See details here


Want to visit the StoneL factory?

Now you can visit the birthplace of all StoneL products, virtually.

See our new factory tour video ------------------------------------->


Axiom AX / AMI Now with GOST certificate

Axiom AX/AMI, Quartz QX/QN, and Eclipse EN/EG models are now available with TR CU certificate (formerly known as GOST) . 

These models are now covered by this new GOST certificate: 
  • Axiom AX - Ex d models 
  • Axiom AMI - Ex ia and Ex nA nC models 
  • Quartz QX - Ex d models
  • Quartz QN - Ex ia models 
  • Eclipse EN/EG - Ex ia models 
 GOST approval certificates are often needed for projects in Russia. See approvals here


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