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Enclosures for most FieldLink® products.

 JX/JM - Junction Module FN - FieldBlock  FR - FieldRack 

Junction Module

FN FieldBlock 


StoneL’s explosionproof junction module is suitable for use in corrosive process environments with hard conduit or flexible wiring systems. It features external drop switching capability with explosionproof ratings for use in hazardous zone 1/Div 1 areas. Components are preinstalled in the housing. Select from:

  • Drop connectors
  • Switched drop connectors
  • I/O modules
  • Relay modules
  • Specialty applications
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The FieldBlock platform is designed to interconnect field devices to the communication network in nonincendive, intrinsically safe, and general purpose applications. It may be used for flexible and hard conduit wiring systems. With its rugged corrosion proof enclosure, it will prove invaluable in field networking applications. Components are preinstalled in the enclosure:

  • Drop connectors
  • Switched drop connectors
  • AS-interface I/O modules 
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StoneL’s FieldRack enclosure is designed for a multitude of wiring systems in general purpose and nonincendive process applications. With its rugged corrosion proof enclosure and its variety of uses, the FieldRack proves invaluable for bus projects. Components sold separately.

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