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FieldRack (FR) enclosures

StoneL’s FieldRack enclosure is designed for a multitude of wiring systems in general purpose and nonincendive process applications. With its rugged corrosion proof enclosure and its variety of uses, the FieldRack proves invaluable for bus projects.


  1. Durable corrosion proof enclosure The enclosure is constructed of Lexan® Polycarbonate, also used for jet fighter canopies, high impact parts, and nonincendive instrumentation enclosures. The FieldRack enclosure will withstand attack from acids, basic solutions, and salts.
  2. Wide variety of applications and uses The FieldRack provides a convenient housing for many FieldLink network components. The FieldRack may house gateways, power supplies, repeaters, and connection modules.
  3. Fully sealed The enclosure is fully sealed and may be used in heavy washdown environments. Complete with a side-hinged clear cover, this enclosure provides excellent protection while maintaining easy access.
  4. Space-efficient design The space-efficient design minimizes external dimensions while providing ample internal space for wiring and function modules. The FieldRack comes standard with an aluminum backplate inside with DIN rail attached and positioned for convenient location of FieldLink components.

Field wiring systems

The FieldRack may be easily fitted with cable gland compression fittings, conduit hubs, and quick disconnect fittings. Just drill the appropriate clearance hole and install the desired fittings.

Available in two sizes
FRN1008 is a 10” x 8” x 7” polycarbonate enclosure with a side-hinged clear cover. This enclosure has an aluminum back plate with 1 DIN rail attached.
FRN1212 is a 12” x 12” x 7” polycarbonate enclosure with a side-hinged clear cover. This enclosure has an aluminum back plate with 2 or 3 DIN rails attached.


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Select FRN1008 for applications such as:

  • 1 AS-i Gateway and 1 2.8 amp power supply
  • 1 AS-i Repeater and 1 2.8 amp power supply
  • Up to 4 Multi-drop Connector Modules

2 AS-i Gateways and 2 2.8 amp power supplies (select configuration A)
Select FRN1212 for applications such as:

  • 2 AS-i Repeaters and 2 2.8 amp power supplies (select configuration A)
  • Up to 10 Multi-drop Connector Modules (select configuration B)


Nema 1, 2, 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 12

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