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FieldLink® - process networking



Durable and corrosion proof enclosures specifically designed for containing networking components in process environments are  available for explosion proof, nonincendive and general purpose applications.

Drop connectors

Drop Connectors

Drop connectors offer a variety of switching and protection options providing improved reliability, enhanced safety and increased network maintainability.

I/O modules

I/O Modules

I/O modules interface discrete and analog conventional devices into communication networks in the field. Several configurations for field-based interfaces. (Available in Field Enclosures) 


Masters and Gateways

Devices control communication networks and offer many options for interfacing with your control architecture.

Power supplies

Power Supplies

General purpose or nonincendive rated for hazardous areas, they offer signal conditioning circuits and short circuit protection for powering up networks. 



Network accessories including repeaters, tuners, terminators, addressing units and other devices to complement your installation. 



Communications cable for fieldbus networks.

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