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Explosionproof valve monitoring

The Quartz® is available in explosionproof (QX), nonincendive and intrinsically safe (QN) and general purpose (QG) versions. The robust epoxy coated anodized aluminum construction makes this platform extremely durable and well suited for use in corrosive, heavy wash down environments. A broad range of switching, position transmitter and communication options may be selected to accommodate most applications.

This versatile platform adapts to a wide variety of valve systems. Attach the Quartz to quarter-turn actuators,manual operators, linear operators and positioners using readily available stainless steel mounting systems.

QXQX: Explosion-proof, water tight and corrosion-resistant enclosure is approved for use in div.1/zone 1 hazardous areas.  Available options include stainless steel and epoxy-coated anodized aluminum. QNQN: Nonincendive is approved for all div.2/zone 2 hazardous environments with proximity sensors using a clear cover. Intrinsically safe Namur sensors or passive switches are available for div.1/zone 0 applications.  QGQG: General purpose features a clear Lexan cover with mechanical switches. All enclosures are rated NEMA 4, 4x, and 6. 

Speed installation with LED indication

StoneL’s coordinated visual indicator and LEDs give you an extra measure of safety and increased convenience during plant start-up and operation. Green visual indication and green LED means the valve is open and the computer circuit is properly operating. Red visual indication and red LED means the valve is closed and the computer is properly matched. All systems are functioning properly.   


  1. Enclosures optimized for environment Available in three enclosure styles suitable for use in various process environment areas.
  2. Rapid enclosure access Screw-on cover allows quick enclosure access, saving you valuable maintenance and set-up time. The cover provides a vapor tight seal and allows entry to internal components in less than five seconds.
  3. Faster wiring Pre-wired and labeled terminal strip enables quick, convenient attachment of field wires.
  4. Wide variety of switching & communication Switching options include dual module sensors and communication, Maxx-Guard proximity switches, and mechanical switches. Continuous signal output is available in a 4 to 20 mA position transmitter.
  5. Quick set cams are easy to adjust Touch and tune switch settings allow you to make adjustments in seconds without the use of tools.
  6. Dual shaft o-ring seals eliminate corrosion Top inner and bottom outer shaft o-rings seal the drive bushing from both external corrosives and internal contaminants that enter the enclosure.
  7. Special drive bushing assures long cycle life The oil impregnated bronze bushing maintains smooth operation and eliminates the potential for shaft seizure due to actuator shaft eccentricity.
  8. Space saving visual indication Visual indicator offers excellent view ability without sacrificing accessibility or adding to space requirements. Indicators are also available with continuous percentage or three-way indication.

Wide variety of switch/sensor functions

A wide variety of switch/sensor communications and position transmitters may be selected for the Quartz series. Options include 2, 4 or 6 mechanical or proximity switches, position transmitters with or without switches, and the StoneL dual module with two SST or two Namur sensors or AS-Interface, DeviceNet or Foundation Fieldbus communication capabilities.

For the most challenging environments

The explosionproof Quartz for process valve monitoring is available with a 316 stainless steel enclosure that is extremely durable and well-suited for use in corrosive, heavy washdown and high seas environments. A broad range of switching, position transmitters and communication options may be selected to accommodate most applications. You can attach the Quartz to quarter-turn actuators, manual operators, linear operators, and positioners using readily available stainless steel mounting systems.

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