StoneL products have demonstrated consistent,
successful performance over time in thousands
of applications. And, we offer the best warranties
in the business.
Customer support
Application/networking assistance, on-site and
off-site training, installation and trouble-shooting
support and local channel supply make it easy for you
to install and use StoneL products.
Innovative products and solutions with user-focused
engineering and proven field-based communication
technologies provide exceptional performance.
StoneL valve communication solutions offer dramatic
reductions in installation and maintenance costs, greater
flexibility, and improved operating performance, translating
into increased value over the life of your project.

Integrated valves

Improved process performance

You can increase performance by more effectively integrating discrete automated and manually operated valves with your plant control system. StoneL’s valve communication and control products, along with our networking components, enable you to take advantage of proven, field-based digital communication technologies to minimize total life cycle cost.

Integrating your automated valves will result in:

  • optimized valve performance
  • increased process reliability
  • improved safety
  • reduced resource requirements.

Complete discrete valve integration

Along with integrating to the control system, StoneL offers the capabilities to pneumatically control and fully monitor your discrete automated valves. Whether your process utilizes quarter-turn, linear, or specialty discrete valves, StoneL has a solution for your application. We use state-of-the-art position sensing and robust pneumatic pilot valves combined with digital electronics in durable, hazardous-qualified enclosures to withstand process environment extremes. By melding these technologies together, we create greater controllability, convenience, and reliability for your valve systems.

Industry leadership

Since our founding in 1989 StoneL has become a leading supplier of valve communication solutions to integrate discrete automated and manually operated valves into process control architectures.

Enhanced financial performance

StoneL’s customers have experienced dramatic cost reductions in design, installation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance in thousands of applications globally. And, with digital communications, diagnostic information enables you to quickly identify and correct automated valve problems before a process interruption.

Additional savings are realized by:

  • reduced plant infrastructure
  • simplified wiring
  • increased process flexibility.

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