ATEX and IEC Hazardous area approvals available for Axiom AN45
The Axiom AN series (function 45) now has ATEX and IEC Exi intrinsically safe approvals, making it suitable for applications all over the world. See approved models and download certificates from the approvals page.
See product details
See approvals

Hazardous area approvals available for Prism PI platform
The Prism PI series intelligent valve communication and control for linear valves, now has cFMus non-incendive and intrinsically safe approvals. The Prism PI also has ATEX and IECEx Ex ia hazardous location approvals.
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See approvals

SIL certification achieved for Quartz Q_35 / Q_45
The Quartz platform, available with innovative new mag sensor technology, has been TUV certified for use up to SIL 2 for function options 35/45. These new sensors inside the Quartz enclosure feature universal voltage (24VDC – 240VAC) capability and big, bright LEDs. See more details here:

Quartz digital position transmitters now have cFMus, ATEX, and IEC Exd and Exi hazardous location approvals
The new non-contact position transmitters available in the Quartz QXT____/QNT____ now have cFMuS, ATEX, and IECEx Exd and Exi hazardous location approvals. These devices are extremely rugged and reliable, plus very easy to calibrate and configure. They utilize an innovative non-contact magnetic sensor. The push button calibration reduces set-up and commissioning time. Visit to see approved models and to download certificates.


Axiom AN Video
The Axiom AN platform has been well received since its launch in January 2017. The Axiom AN is very well suited for discrete 1/4 turn valve applications, and many customers are already seeing the benefits of its great features. To help spread the word on this exciting new product, we have created a short video presentation.

Take a look! Axiom AN Video


Axiom AN is now available with cFMus Approvals
We have recently received FM approvals for the Axiom AN product line for North American hazardous locations. Most model options can be used in Class I Division 2 applications. Select models also can be used in hazardous dust, Class II, III Division 2 applications.

See the Axiom AN product here

See Division 2 approvals page for applicable models and certificate.

See Division 1 (I.S.) approvals page for applicable models and certificate.


New Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry home page
Visit our new Pharmaceutical and Biotech solutions home page. StoneL can provide linear and quarter-turn valve control solutions that help reduce installation costs through easy set up, faster commissioning, and enhanced valve identification. Bright electronic indication combined with optional remote wireless access provide enhanced risk management and improved safety.

Combining StoneL’s Prism or Axiom platforms with a DeviceNet™ or AS-Interface protocol system to interconnect your automated valves will lower your construction costs and install faster than conventional systems.


Wireless link creates easy, safe and secure remote access of automated valves
StoneL™, a leader in valve communication and control, announces wireless technology that enables users to remotely set limit switches, operate solenoids (if unlocked) check diagnostic parameters, and store tag and automated valve information.

When using the Axiom or Prism discrete valve controllers with wireless link capability users may directly monitor, control and store critical information from up to 50 meters, saving time and preventing staff from endangering themselves. A conventional iPhone or iPad is used with the StoneL Wireless Link app eliminating specialized, costly hand-helds and making changes intuitive. Security is assured with special lock-out provisions.

View Press Release
View Press Release


New Marine Industry home page
Visit our new Marine Industry home page. The same reasons that make valve communication networking desirable in industrial plants, also make it preferable for marine applications. By reducing the number of wires required per valve, the AS-Interface networking solution reduces the wiring burden by over 40 percent.

Download our new Marine Industry whitepaper “Easy on/off valve integration with AS-Interface for marine applications”


Quartz — now available with TUV (SIL) certificate
Select Quartz QX/QN models are now available with TUV Functional Safety (SIL) certificate.
See details here


Want to visit the StoneL factory?
Now you can visit the birthplace of all StoneL products, virtually.

See our new factory tour video ————————————->


Axiom AX / AMI Now with GOST certificate
Axiom AX/AMI, Quartz QX/QN, and Eclipse EN/EG models are now available with TR CU certificate (formerly known as GOST) .
These models are now covered by this new GOST certificate:

  • Axiom AX – Ex d models
  • Axiom AMI – Ex ia and Ex nA nC models
  • Quartz QX – Ex d models
  • Quartz QN – Ex ia models
  • Eclipse EN/EG – Ex ia models

GOST approval certificates are often needed for projects in Russia. See approvals here.


Stainless Steel Filters/ Exhaust Port Mufflers are now available from StoneL
These filters/mufflers are a great addition to any Axiom installation.
They protect the pneumatic valve from debris and reduce the sound of air exiting the exhaust ports. Stainless steel construction stands up to harsh environments and can withstand temperatures up to 400° F. They can reduce noise by up to 20 dB and trap particles down to 50 microns. They are available in 1/8″, 1/4″ and 3/8″ sizes. See datasheet for more details.


FieldLink AS-Interface I/O modules IO96___/ IO97___: Now FM approved for use in Hazardous location
We have recently received FM Approvals for FieldLink IO product line of AS-i I/O modules.
To designate approved model, just select the “F” digit in the model code.

You can find more approval details and download certificates here


FieldBlock FN- Now FM approved for use in Hazardous location
We have recently received FM Approvals for FieldBlock FN product line as well as some standalone Drop Connectors and I/O modules.
This applies to select products within these FieldLink product groups:
Fieldblock FN
DR Din Rail mount Drop connectors
IO Direct mount and DIN rail Mount I/O modules

The approval covers both US and Canadian approval standards. They are cFMus certified to Class I Division 2 Group A,B,C,D T4/T5.
You can find more approval details and download certificates here


Quartz IEC / ATEX models now with T6 rating
We have posted new ATEX and IEC certificates for the Quartz QX product line.
One of the key additions to these certificates was a T6 temperature class rating for the Quartz QX models.
In order to achieve the T6 ratings we lowered the max ambient temperature to +65C.

ATEX / IECEx ratings for QX
• Ex d IIC T6…T5 Gb IP67
• T5, Ta = -40C to +80C
• T6, Ta = -40C to +65C

These temperature classifications are being specified more frequently in hazardous locations. This new certification rating will
enable you to meet even more specifications with the Quartz QX models.

Quartz can now be specified in Zone 1 areas where ignition temperature of the explosive gas is higher than 85C. See approvales here


StoneL 2014 Training Seminars Announced
StoneL has scheduled (4) training seminars for this coming fall.
Bring your customers and join the StoneL factory training team at any of these one day training seminars:

• September 23 Marriott Suites O’Hare Chicago, IL USA
• September 25 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport Seattle, WA USA
• October 14 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cincinnati Airport Hebron, KY USA
• October 16 Marriott Houston Airport Houston, TX USA

The seminars will offer practical applications and selling information to enable you to more effectively sell valve communication solutions. There will be no fee for attending. All training materials are included. Attendee is responsible for transportation and lodging.

Details and Registration


New Prism PI with intelligent valve communication and control for linear applications
Ideal for pharmaceutical and biotech sanitary diaphragm and other linear applications
StoneL’s new Prism PI integrates an advanced position sensing system and integral pneumatic control for sanitary diaphragm valves and other linear applications. The Prism PI is compact, durable, and suited for corrosive, heavy washdown and hazardous areas.

See News Release


AS-i Power Supply: Now suitable for use in Division 2 and Zone 2 hazardous locations WORLDWIDE!
The StoneL AS-Interface power supply PS459002A now carries cCSAus Class I Division 2 approvals for USA and Canada, it also caries IECEx and ATEX Exn approvals for Europe and the rest of the world.

See the product datasheet here


FieldBlock FN Design Change Notification
In preparation for hazardous location approvals for the FieldLink FN and 6-Drop din rail mount drop connectors, we have changed from pluggable terminals blocks to fixed terminal blocks. The blocks look the same but have been fastened in place.

See the complete Product Update Bulletin here


Axiom AX Design Update Bulletin – PUB6440
In preparation for the launch of a higher flow rate solenoid valve option for the Axiom AX platform later this year, we have made a design change to the SR/DA selection plug configuration.

See the complete Product Update Bulletin here


New Hazardous Networking Guide poster.
StoneL has launched a new (NEC/IEC) version of the popular Hazardous Networking Guide poster.

This new poster features one side focused on North American (NEC) applications, and the other side for International (IEC) applications.

The Hazardous Networking Guide poster is a great tool to use as a discussion guide when designing networks and determining how to layout your network in Hazardous locations. The poster provides some basic guidelines on wiring and making connections specific to networks in hazardous areas.

This a poster is great addition to the wall of your office or shop Download or order here


IEC and ATEX Approvals for Axiom AX models
IEC and ATEX Approvals for Axiom AX models

WWe have recently received IECEx and ATEX “ Flameprooof” approvals for most Axiom AX models.
They are IEC and ATEX certified to Ex d IIC T4/T5/T6.

For details on these and other approved models consult StoneL’s approvals listings:


IEC Approvals for Quartz QX models
IEC Approvals for Quartz QX models

We have recently received IEC “ Flameprooof” approvals for most Quartz QX models.
They are IEC certified to Ex d IIC T5.

For details on these and other approved models consult StoneL’s approvals listings:


AXIOM® AX explosionproof offers advanced valve monitoring and control in harsh environments
The AXIOM® AX explosionproof, available in epoxy-coated anodized aluminum or stainless steel, is designed to perform reliably in adverse conditions. Its non-contact position sensing, with fully potted and sealed electronics, is completely protected inside the water-tight explosionproof enclosure. The integral pneumatic control is tolerant of contaminants and able to operate on standard plant air. A rebreather capability is also standard, eliminating potential ingestion of outside contaminants into the spring side of single-acting actuators. See News Release