Axiom™ Expeditor

Improve process performance and prevent damage to equipment with intermediate control With expanded control and monitoring capabilities, the Axiom Expeditor offers unparalleled value in batch processing applications. Below are a few examples of applications where the Axiom Expeditor may improve your plant operation.

  • Fill control. Fill tanks and hoppers rapidly and accurately. You can set the Axiom Expeditor to partially close the valve to reduce flow as the full level approaches. You get fast, economical “topping off” of every batch with a single valve sized for high flow rates, which may be throttled back at the end of the fill cycle.
  • Flow dampening. The Axiom Expeditor allows valves to close using multiple steps, which inhibits water hammer resulting from a sudden full closure. You get prolonged valve and piping life, improved process flow performance and less potential for catastrophic failure.
  • Thermal shock reduction. By partially opening a standard discrete valve, steam lines are heated gradually; thus preventing thermal shock. Once lines are heated, full opening may occur minimizing any potential damage to steam lines. This is especially critical in CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (steam-in-place) applications.
Fast, convenient set-up  

Calibration may be performed quickly and easily using the Axiom Expeditor’s readily accessible membrane control pad. By simply following the on-board instructions, with the unit powered up, all set-up procedures may be performed in a few easy steps and the actuator evaluated for proper stroke timing. During set-up, as mentioned above, the Axiom Expeditor automatically gages the speed of the actuator to determine if flow restrictors are needed. If full stroke is less than one second, flow restrictors (included with each Expeditor from the factory) are required to assure smooth, consistent intermediate control operation.

Simple operation and control system integration

  • Full open and closed cycling is performed by energizing and de-energizing the discrete 24 VDC output (DO) from the control system.
  • A preset intermediate position may be achieved by maintaining power from the discrete output (DO) and switching on the analog output (AO) at a preset level between 4 and 20 mA.
  • Intermediate control is achieved by maintaining power from the discrete output (DO) and energizing the control system’s analog output (AO). By changing the AO signal, the Axiom control output will toggle the solenoids to the desired position within ±4% of full scale.
  • The valve/actuator operates to the fail-safe position whenever the discrete output (DO) is de-energized.