Junction Module (JX/JM)

StoneL’s Junction Module (JX) enclosure is an environmentally hardened platform which is suitable for use in the most extreme corrosive and hazardous process environments. The JX features a wide variety of bus networking capabilities for protocols used in the process industries. Because of its flexibility and functionality it has become an essential building block for bus network users in the processing industries.

Wide variety of options to meet the needs of network applications in hazardous and general purpose locations
The JX includes a full array of drop connectors, I/O modules, and other network accessory items for most common industrial fieldbus networks.  With cFMus Class I Div 1 and Class I Div 2 and ATEX/IECEX approvals, these rugged and corrosion resistant devices are an essential tool for building your network infrastructure.   


Wide variety of Drop Connectors, I/O modules and Repeaters in the compact package

The JX features a full range of enclosed solutions for network drop connections, I/O modules, and repeaters / power conditioners.




New JX

New JX Drop Connectors feature raised module
The new JX Drop Connector modules are elevated from the base of the enclosure. This allows for easier wiring to the terminals and improves LED visibility.
The new JX has many improvements over the JM including non-contact disconnect switch, larger LEDs, and worldwide hazardous location approvals.
The JX has cFMus XP and NI approvals as well as ATEX / IEXEx Exd approvals.


1. Rugged enclosure This enclosure is constructed of durable, marine grade anodized aluminum with two coats of epoxy. Optional clear polycarbonate cover enables observation of circuit status without opening the enclosure.
2. Hazardous approval ratings JX may be used in explosionproof and general purpose applications.
3. Quick access Screw-on cover enables convenient access to the enclosure.
4. Vapor tight and submersible Rated for IP67 and NEMA 4, 4X and 6, the JM withstands rigorous washdowns and corrosive environments.
5. Wide variety of functions Select from drop connectors, switched drop connectors, relay modules, I/O modules, power conditioners, and special module configurations.
6. Compact design JX’s size minimizes space requirements for wiring and conduit layout.
7. Convenient wiring Experience quick and secure wiring with the clearly labeled, top insertion terminal strips.