New Products

Introducing the new Quartz™ QC version for low temperature applications.

The QC is a new series code in the Quartz platform, designed for low temperature applications, with an operating temperature range of:

  • ATEX / IECEx -55° C to 80° C (-67° F to 176° F).
  • cFMus -50° C to 80° C (-45° F to 176° F).    << More >>

Introducing the new Junction Module (JX).

The Junction Module (JX) is the latest addition to the FieldLink™ line of process networking accessories.

StoneL’s Junction Module (JX) enclosure is an environmentally hardened platform which is suitable for use in the most extreme corrosive and hazardous process environments. The JX features a wide variety of bus networking drop connectors and I/O modules and other accessories for protocols used in the process industries. The new JX drop connectors feature larger LED indication and non-contact switch for increased reliability and performance. << More >>

Quartz™ Now available with a digital position transmitter

The new position transmitter addresses increasing demand for 4-20mA position feedback on manual and actuated valves. The module is extremely rugged and reliable, plus very easy to calibrate and configure. It utilizes an innovative non-contact magnetic sensor. The push button calibration reduces set-up and commissioning time. << More >>

The following function options have been added to the Position Transmitter section:

  • TO 4-20 mA non-contact with no switches
  • TT 4-20 mA non-contact with SST NO switching sensor dual module
  • TR 4-20 mA non-contact with NAMUR dual module (EN 60947-5-6; I.S.)

Prism™ PI – Expeditor 4-20mA position control

Now available in the Prism PI is the Expeditor. This new valve position controller addresses the demands for 4-20mA position control on diaphragm and angle valves in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

These applications require a product that is VERY compact and still very easy to set-up and use. The PI Expeditor is just that…compact and easy. << More >>

Four Expeditor function options are available.

  • PI80S Compact PI Expeditor
  • PI80W Compact PI Expeditor with Wireless Link
  • P81S PI Expeditor with position feedback
  • P81W PI Expeditor with position feedback with Wireless Link

Prism™ PI – AS-Interface version with Wireless Link

The function option “PI97W” is now available! This is an AS-Interface version with Wireless Link featuring Bluetooth technology. AS-I is a popular protocol with our customers. Now users can have the low cost and easy networking features offered by AS-Interface with the robust commissioning tools and diagnostic info afforded by the Wireless Link. << More >>


Axiom™ AN – New Axiom platform with advanced features

We are pleased to introduce the new Axiom AN. This product features advanced performance and offers unmatched reliability using non-contact position sensing with solid state electronics and contaminant-tolerant pneumatic control.

Coupled with its space-efficient design, corrosion resistance and networking/Wireless Link capability, the AN offers unrivaled convenience and cost-saving benefits in hazardous and general purpose process applications. << More >>


Axiom AMI with wireless link – Easily access hard-to-reach automated valves

We are pleased to introduce the new Axiom AMI with wireless link. Discover convenient remote access of your automated valves when you install the Axiom AMI with AS-Interface featuring Bluetooth® technology. With the new patent pending StoneL wireless link app you can remotely:
• Monitor and set open and closed switch positions
• Monitor and set the network address
• Operate solenoid valve(s) (if enabled)
• Identify model and serial number as well as Tag and valve automation component information
<< More >>

hx_main (1)

Hawkeye HX Explosionproof proximity sensor for linear valve position indication

We are pleased to introduce the new Hawkeye HX, providing valve position indication for linear valves in the most challenging hazardous locations. The HX is a stainless steel enclosure with a solid state proximity sensor encased in a shock absorbent urethane potting material. Outputs for universal switching or NAMUR (EN 60947-5-6; I.S.) are standard options. The HX is suitable for explosionproof/flameproof and intrinsically safe applications. << More >>


Universal Voltage Axiom AX / AMI

The Universal Voltage Axiom SST 240V, is now available in both AX and AMI models. Specify AX35S____ or AMI35___.

Now you can choose one on/off valve controller capable of operating at any of the worldwide popular control/monitoring voltages!!!!! (24 VDC, 120 VAC, 240 VAC) << More >>


Axiom AX is now available with higher flow rate 1.2Cv solenoid valve.

The 1.2 Cv option offers a 70% higher pneumatic valve flow rate, allowing the Axiom to operate larger actuators or reduce the open/close time of an actuated valve assembly.
This allows for faster cycle times, and can eliminate the need for speed boosting instrumentation.
It is available in single or dual coil configurations. << More >>


Quartz QX in Stainless Steel

The Explosionproof Quartz for process valve monitoring is now available with a 316 stainless steel enclosure making it ideal for the extremes in the process industries. This new enclosure is extremely durable and well suited for use in corrosive, heavy washdown and high seas environments.

A broad range of switching, position transmitters and communication options may be selected to accommodate most applications. Attach the Quartz to quarter-turn actuators, manual operators, linear operators, and positioners using readily available stainless steel mounting systems. << More >>


New Prism PI with intelligent valve communication and control for linear applications

Ideal for pharmaceutical and biotech sanitary diaphragm and other linear applications

StoneL’s new Prism PI integrates an advanced position sensing system and integral pneumatic control for sanitary diaphragm valves and other linear applications. The Prism PI is compact, durable, and suited for corrosive, heavy washdown and hazardous areas. << More >>

axss1 (1)

The Axiom (AX) explosionproof platform

The Axiom (AX) explosionproof platform, available in epoxy coated anodized aluminum or stainless steel, will withstand your most challenging plant environments. Its advanced position monitoring and integral pneumatic control offer the ultimate in reliability, convenience, and value. << More >>


New analog input (Thermocouple) modules are available from StoneL

These new Analog input modules allow the user to monitor up to (4) thermocouple inputs via AS-Interface. These units feature 16 bit resolution and internal temperature compensation. Models are available to monitor Type “J”, Type “K”, and PT100 Thermocouples << More >>


StoneL’s new advanced I/O module platform is available with the AS-Interface protocol

It features a full array of LEDs for power up and operational status of each input and output as well as for the network. AS-i configuration is 4 inputs and 4 outputs in either standard I/O or relay I/O (independent or interlocking). The module may be ordered with DIN rail or with direct mount design. << More >>


New Ethernet/AS-i Gateways for Ethernet/IP and Ethernet TCP (Modbus)

These new gateways combine both popular Ethernet protocols Ethernet/IP and Ethenet TCP (Modbus) into one convenient and easy to use gateway. They also feature an integrated Ethernet switch for convenient wiring. << More >>


Axiom® Expeditor for intermediate valve position control

Based on the technologically advanced AXIOM platform, the Expeditor offers expanded capabilities with intermediate control. Now standard discrete (open/closed) automated valves maybe readily upgraded to offer partial closing for improved filling operations, partial opening for less shock to steam lines, and partial closing to prevent water hammer. No special pneumatic bleed pilots or air filtration systems are required with the AXIOM’s standard pneumatic solenoid technology. << More >>


Axiom® valve control with on-board diagnostics cuts downtime and repair costs

The Axiom AS-Interface and HART models feature on-board diagnostics that predict potential automated valve malfunctions. And, plant downtime may be reduced by repairing automated valves during planned shutdowns instead of process operations. If problems occur during process operation, maintenance personnel will be aided by rapidly locating failure causes, consequently speeding up valve repair and operation renewal. << More >>


The next generation FieldBlock (FN) enclosure and drop connectors are now available.

These new products provide extended capabilities with 6 drops where each drop connection may be individually energized or de-energized. << More >>

cordsetblack_100 yellowcordset_100

Standard network cordsets are now available

Cordsets have been available for many years as a custom product from StoneL. Now we have introduced a selection of standard single ended cordsets for use with AS-Interface and Fieldbus Devices. “AS-i Cordsets” “FF Cordsets”