Quartz™ Digital Position Transmitter

Position feedback for optimal process performance

The new position transmitter addresses increasing demand for 4-20mA position feedback on manual and actuated valves. The module is extremely rugged and reliable, plus very easy to calibrate and configure. It utilizes an innovative non-contact magnetic sensor. The push button calibration reduces set-up and commissioning time.

Fast, easy set-up

Easy push button calibration means fast & easy set-up / calibration. Now, there is no need to adjust finicky potentiometers or use special handheld programmers to commission your transmitter. Just press the buttons with the valve at each end of travel and the unit quickly learns the valve characteristics and is able to provide consistent linear position feedback. Bold mechanical and LED indication shows electronic and valve position status.

Long life in rough applications

The innovative new non-contact mag sensor ensures long life in difficult applications. This is the same sensing system used in the Axiom!

Features and Benefits

The Quartz QXT / QNT features an intelligent magnetic resistive sensor system to precisely measure travel position at all times. Features include:

  • Non-contact mag sensor –> Long life in rough applications (Same as Axiom!)
  • Easy push button calibration –> Fast & easy Set-up / Calibration
  • Red /Green LED’s –> Bold LED position indication
  • Precision feedback –> Reliable precision position confirmation
  • Fully sealed and potted module–> Durable and moisture tolerant



Model Codes

The following function options have been added to the Position Transmitter section of the Quartz Catalog:

  • TO 4-20 mA non-contact with no switches
  • TT 4-20 mA non-contact with SST NO switching sensor dual module
  • TR 4-20 mA non-contact with NAMUR dual module (EN 60947-5-6; I.S.)