Axiom™ AN

Valve communication and control for challenging environments

The Axiom AN offers unmatched reliability using non-contact position sensing with solid state electronics and contaminant-tolerant pneumatic control. Coupled with its space-efficient design, corrosion resistance and networking/Wireless Link capability, the AN offers unrivaled convenience and cost-saving benefits in hazardous and general purpose process applications.

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Exceptional Reliability
Proven technologies combined with efficient design and durable materials, delivers long life and exceptional performance.
Universal Application
Strategic Engineering reduces inventory and ensures universal adaptability in many applications and environments.
Advanced technology
Designed with the user in mind, the Axiom AN offers the utmost in ease and convenience.





Pneumatic control

The Axiom’s pneumatic valve system consists of a low power pilot that drives the main high flow
spool valve. Pilots may be selected for conventional or bus networking applications. Both stages of the pneumatic valve system have been designed for long life, high tolerance to air line contaminants, and ease of maintenance should components become fouled.



User-friendly advanced technology

Convenient switch setting

The touch sensors have no moving parts; just hold your finger for two seconds on the button to set. The bright LED indication confirms that you have successfully set the position. Communication models allow you to configure and set the sensors using your smart phone or tablet; no cover removal needed!

Single or dual pilot configuration

The Axiom AN is available in either single or dual pilot configurations. Dual pilot options are available for shuttle piston, fail-in-last position applications. Several external manual override options are also readily available. For special valve configurations with nonstandard manual override features, please consult StoneL.

Reliable position sensing

An extremely reliable solid state magnetic resistive (mag res) sensor detects the valve position by monitoring the orientation of a magnet attached to the actuator. This design is tolerant of lateral and vertical shaft movement, which may occur in heavily used actuators, without affecting rotational measurement.

High-visibility LED indication

Clearly view valve position status with the high-visibility LED indicators. The LEDs offer easy viewing from a distance with the high intensity lighting that can be identified even in sunlight.

Easy Everything

An extremely reliable solid state magnetic resistive (mag res) sensor detects the valve position by monitoring the orientation of a magnet attached to the actuator. This design is tolerant of lateral and vertical shaft movement, which may occur in heavily used actuators, without affecting rotational measurement.

Networking with Wireless Link

Both the AS-Interface and DeviceNet models offer dramatic installation cost savings and have optional Wireless Link, with an iOS app. This feature offers unrivaled convenience and maintenance savings during the automated valve’s entire life cycle. You may remotely access your valves from up to 50 meters, depending on obstructions.

Proven sensing and communication

The Axiom platform has all position sensing, communication or switching integrated into StoneL’s C-module. Users may set open/closed positions conveniently and accurately on all modules. And easy to view instructions, along with bold LED indication, are displayed on the module itself.

Continuous sensing with open/closed settings
The C-module (continuous sensing) integrates a magnetic resistive sensor system to monitor exact valve position throughout the rotational range. Touch-sensitive or remote open and closed position setting along with microprocessor based operation make this state-of-the-art system convenient, reliable, and smart.

Position settings are made using the touch-sensitive buttons on the module’s overlay. Simply operate the actuator to the open position (using standard internal manual override) and touch the SET OPEN button. Operate the actuator to the closed position and touch the SET CLOSED button. Position settings remain locked in when power is removed and reapplied.


Integral pneumatics

The Axiom’s pneumatic valve system consists of a solenoid pilot that drives the main high-flow spool valve. Pilots are automatically associated with the appropriate function selected.

Special features

  • Solenoid pilot and main spool design offer long life, exceptional tolerance to dirty air, and tight shut-off.
  • Universal voltage solenoid system may be used for standard AC or DC applications.
  • Five-way, two-position spring return configuration may be used for either single- or double-acting actuators. Dual coil shuttle piston versions are also available for fail-in-last position.
  • Rebreather channels exhausted air from pressurized side of actuator into spring side, preventing ingestion of contaminated air from the environment that may corrode springs or actuator internals.

Single or double-acting configuration

The same Axiom AN model is suitable for both single-acting/spring return (SR) and double-acting (DA) actuators. The standard rebreather capability for single-acting/spring return is built in.

Field configuration may be made by conveniently removing and reinserting the pneumatic plug for the appropriate actuator type.


Universal application

The Axiom is designed to readily adapt to most quarter-turn actuators. The mounting manifold system combines the mounting base and pneumatic manifold to minimize space and simplify installation. It  attaches the Axiom directly to the actuator and ports air from the pneumatic valve to the actuator.

Included in the manifold system are:
1. Actuator shaft adaptor and fastener.
2. Epoxy-coated anodized aluminum mounting plate manifold with o-rings and stainless steel fasteners.
3. Pneumatic plug for SR/DA configuration.

The manifold system readily adapts to VDI/VDE 3845 sizes 1, 2 and 3.  Special variations may be made for sizes 3, 4 and non-standard quarter-turn actuator mounting patterns.