Prism™ PI

Intelligent features offer advanced performance

The Prism PI integrates an advanced position sensing system and integral pneumatic control for sanitary diaphragm and other linear applications.

Compact and durable, the PI is suited for corrosive, heavy washdown and hazardous areas.

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Wide variety of switching and communication options

The Prism features a full range of feedback options in the fully sealed, solid state dual module. Select the SST sensors for conventional switching, or communication options including AS-Interface, DeviceNet. For analog position control see our new Prism Expeditor PI80/PI81 models. Bluetooth® wireless link enables easy access to info and rapid commissioning.





Pneumatic control

Three-way, two-position spring return pneumatic valve features a standard Cv of 0.20, operating most actuators in less than two seconds. The valve is completely isolated from the environment enabling pneumatic control to be located in the field with no threat of contamination. This high flow (Cv 0.20) solenoid valve operates at low power and is well suited for most applications. It features a convenient manual override for stroking during set-up and commissioning.


1. Suitable for high pressure washdown and temporary submersion, the PI is rated for NEMA 4, 4X and 6 (IP66 & 67).
2. Screw-on cover enables convenient access without tools.
3. Enclosure is made of high impact strength, corrosion-resistant polycarbonate.
4. Prominent visual indicator boldly displays mechanical position status.
5. Low profile design minimizes height clearance required above actuator.
6. All electronics are sealed inside the linear C-module to protect against contamination, shock and vibration.
7. Intelligent high accuracy position sensor is solid state with no moving parts for long life. Sensor automatically adjusts dead band based on stroke length.
8. Integral solenoid valve available with Cv of 0.20.
9. NPT pneumatic connections are stainless steel reinforced for long life sealing under high torque stress conditions.
10. Push button open and closed settings are made conveniently and quickly. (AS-Interface unit may have settings made remotely.)
11. LED light bar brightly displays open, closed and solenoid status.
12. Conduit entries available in NPT, metric threads or quick connectors.

Advanced position sensing

With the continuous solid state mag res sensor system, the PI offers the ultimate in ease of set-up, reliability and consistent performance. Push button or remote setting is simple and quick with bold mechanical, as well as LED visual position status.

Integral pneumatic control in compact, vapor tight enclosure

Position sensing system and control valve are enclosed in a vaportight submersible enclosure with convenient screw on cover access. Pneumatic solenoid valve is available in standard high flow. Settings and wiring may be conveniently accessed for quick set-up and maintenance.

Compact design for convenient adaptability to linear valves

The PI offers precision feedback for valve stroke lengths varying from 4 mm (0.13”) up to 66 mm (2.6”). Options include three cover heights, the low profile version with no visual indicator and a medium or tall cover version both with a visual indicator. With the low profile version, the unit is less than 76 mm (3”) above actuator mounting pads and may accommodate stroke lengths up to 28 mm (1.1”).

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