Remote access with StoneL Wireless Link app

Easily access hard-to-reach automated valves
Discover convenient remote access of your automated valves when you install the Axiom and Prism PI featuring technology.

With the new patent pending StoneL wireless link app you can remotely:

  • Monitor and set open and closed switch positions
  • Monitor and set the network address
  • Monitor and set the baud rate
  • Operate solenoid valve(s) (if enabled)
  • Identify model and serial number (preset from factory)
  • Identify valve automation components (entered by valve supplier)
  • Log maintenance information
  • Monitor diagnostics (valve cycle count, electronics temperature, and more).

Devices may be remotely accessed from up to 50 meters depending on obstructions. Setting changes and solenoid control are enabled through the DeviceNet or AS-Interface network.

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Interfacing devices

Conventional Apple® devices may be used, including:

  • iPhone® Version 4S and above
  • iPad® Version 3.0 and above
  • iPad mini™ All

Benefits of wireless link

  1. Fast, convenient set-up for valve automation suppliers without special equipment.
  2. Electronically enter and store key automated valve system information including:
    • End user tag number/information
    • Valve and actuator identification as well as Axiom model and serial number (Axiom information preset from factory)
    • Maintenance log.
  3. Improve safety by easily accessing hard-to-reach automated valves without putting plant personnel at risk.
  4. Reduce network commissioning time by accessing the VCT address and making changes if necessary.
  5. Reduce maintenance time by monitoring valve cycle count, storing maintenance logs, and accessing multiple valves from one location.
  6. Conveniently retrieve installation manuals and StoneL website when connected to internet.

Set up and operation

The Axiom AN and Prism PI with wireless link is commissioned and set up identically to the standard DeviceNettm or AS-interface unit. In addition, when powered up with a conventional power source or by the network, it may be accessed by standard iOS devices. The device is accessed with the Bluetooth® Smart protocol using the StoneL Wireless Link application. Sequence of operation is:

  1. Download the StoneL Wireless Link app from the App Store onto your device (free of charge)
  2. Start the app in your Apple® device
  3. All energized wireless modules in range will come up
  4. Push wink to positively confirm the device you have linked (Prism LEDs will flash)
  5. Touch the specific Prism ID/tag to link with your handheld.

You can monitor all status and diagnostic information and make necessary information changes to the text fields at any time. Switch settings, address changes, baud rate changes, and solenoid operation may be performed only if enabled.

Ease of assembly and use, lower construction costs, and improve safety
Lower your construction costs and shorten installation time by interconnecting your automated valves using a StoneL platform and a protocol system. And now when you add the StoneL Wireless Link, you don’t have to remove the cover for trouble-shooting or diagnostics. You can stroke your valve, read the device tag and diagnostics, and set the valve to open or closed… ALL from a safe, convenient location.

Compact size
StoneL products are feature-rich and designed to meet the increasing need for smaller, lighter and more durable products to conform to the needs of moveable process skids and flexible manufacturing. The integral solenoid allows for smaller overall envelope size because there is less tubing and cable. And the input/output (I/O) points reside within the valve control terminal (VCT) so minimal I/O racks are utilized.

Precise monitoring
StoneL’s Axiom and Prism platforms use solid state continuous sensors with increased reliability and precise position measurement, compared to mechanical or proximity-reed technology. These sensors enable more sophisticated valve diagnostics, leading to reduced maintenance costs over the valve’s life cycle.

Predictive maintenance
Avoid downtime or danger due to valve failure by having easy access to information about critical parameters. Using Wireless Link you can remotely monitor valve function, including sensor temperature and cycle counts. With access to cycle count data, you can perform valve maintenance when it is truly needed and replace parts prior to wearing out.

Improved safety with StoneL Wireless Link
Safely, securely and conveniently access difficult to reach communication and control modules. Using standard iPads or iPhones with the StoneL app, further cost savings may be realized. Security is assured with operational/lockout privileges.