FieldCare – device and asset management software based on open FDT technology


FieldCare™ is a totally open solution, based on FDT technology. It provides accurate information flow during commissioning, operation or
maintenance of a production process.

FieldCare provides a single tool to manage any device in any communication protocol, and its web-enabled interfaces allow for the information to be distributed anywhere across the user’s network in real time. Its ability to show both standard configuration parameters and device-specific functions eliminates the need for vendor-specific tools.

Online data flow from all devices is visualized through an innovative color-coded alert system and a series of selective alarms which provides a clear view of process performance and allows early, easy problem recognition.



  • Field device condition monitoring and configuration
  • Multivendor device operation using either vendor specific or generic DTMs
  • Service work history report
  • Network configuration
  • DTM catalog management
  • Possibility to define critical devices
  • Tracking of user changes
  • User management


  • FieldCare makes it easy
    • With a single tool, you can manage multiprotocol field networks and devices from several manufacturers.
  • Access to all essential data
    • FieldCare shows all device features, both standard configuration parameters and device specific functions. This maximizes device performance and eliminates the need to have vendor-specific tools.
    • In short, FieldCare helps you get the best out of every device.
  • Open device support
    • Any device vendor can create its own DTMs, which can be used in any FDT-based application.
    • Allows you to choose ‘Best in Class’ devices, knowing that you will have full software support in a common tool.
  • Multiprotocol support:
    • HART, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus, DeviceNet, Interbus, AS-Interface and PROFINET IO.
    • Applicable also for plants that use hybrid communication systems.
    • Transparent access to field device, independent of which fieldbus environment is used.
  • Open system solution means simplified system integration
  • On-line condition monitoring
    • Collects data online and shows trends under real process conditions.
    • Warns of deterioration during run time, which allows cost-effective predictive maintenance.

FieldCare provides real-time information under operational process conditions, and its ability to browse and store data makes prediction of device condition extremely accurate. The information it provides supports predictive maintenance and can be used to plan regular maintenance activities, ensuring sufficient time to order spare parts and plan for service operations.

FieldCare lowers the cost of ownership as it can manage any device and any communication protocol, helps plan maintenance activities and, as part of the process control system, will be a valuable addition no matter what developments are introduced in the future.